Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Knit In Progress: Momster & Kids

A super dear friend of mine donated a few hand knitted items to my son's school's year-end auction fundraiser (that's a mouthful). One of the items was a super cute Daphne and Delilah the Momma and Baby Monster stuffies set, which the Kiddo promptly fell in love with (along with the Star Wars Stormtrooper baby blanket that she had knitted up. You can view the photo of these items on my Instagram here). The Kiddo honestly couldn't get over just how cute and tiny Delilah was, and loved the idea that she fits perfectly in the pocket of the mommy monster. In fact, the Kiddo loved the stuffies so much that he actually asked if I could knit him a set!!   

Jaw. Dropped.

The Kiddo rarely asks me to knit him anything! Shocked, surprised, so many emotions flowed over me. My heart almost exploded when he started to go through a pile of yarn that I had by the coffee table, trying to pick out colours that he thought each stuffie should be. Before I got too excited over his request though, I had to make sure that he truly wanted these before I cast on anything. So I showed the Kiddo all the knitted toys Rebecca Danger has on her Ravelry designer page (and hoping he doesn't change him mind for something way more time consuming or elaborate!!) and he was quite persistent that no other monster would do. He definitely had his heart on Daphne and Delilah.

Alrighty then.

I pulled out a bunch of yarns and leftovers and let the Kiddo go at it. He decided that the Mommy monster should be out of Caterpillargreen Yarn Concrete and Tulips (it was a "seconds" skein, so it's a little different from what you would buy from the website), and the babies should be from leftover Knit Picks Felici and Regia Fluormania. And yes, I said babies. Plural. The Kiddo thought the baby would get lonely and didn't like the idea that it would have no one to play with, and so it should have a sibling. An older sibling. Since the Kiddo constantly talks about having a brother or sister, he was sure to point out that single kids "get lonely with no one to play with them". Le sigh. Kids...

Anyhoo...I had cast on Daphne and managed to get her knitted up within a few days. I'm sure if my hands were feeling better I'd be able to get her done faster. Not that it would have made a difference since it has been days since the knitting has been finished and I have yet to sew her together (which, admittedly, I'm sort of dreading). And it took me a while to find my stash of safety eyes. 

As it stands today, I still haven't sewn Daphne together. I know eventually I'm going to have to bite the bullet and just do it. But for now I'm going to procrastinate for as long as I can. After all, I still have the babies to knit up (and then sew...but baby steps steps...). 

I had cast on the legs for the first baby and started knitting them together, but then frogged back to separate them when I realized that I didn't want two different coloured legs. The Kiddo loved the idea that the baby looked like it was wearing "pants" on the original set so I thought I would try for that look too. I'm in no hurry to get the babies done anyways because I discovered that I didn't have any smallish safety eyes within my stash and had to order some online. Not to mention that my hands are currently not loving the idea of knitting with tiny yarn on tiny needles.

So far this project has been an enjoyable knit. It's quite a bit more fiddly than I'm used to in a knit but I take solace in knowing that all these ends will get hidden away inside the stuffie. The pattern itself is pretty straight forward but I did do a few mods and plan to make another on the babies. On the mommy monster I had cast on the legs using the typical (and called for in the pattern) long tail cast-on and joined in the round. I wasn't loving how the ends looked and how there was still a small little hole, regardless of how tight I pulled on the yarn to get it to close. I ended up having to go in there and sew them closed with the tail. So for the arms I tried out the Pinhole cast-on (tutorial by Tin Can Knits here) and loved the outcome. I think it will be my new go-to cast on method for anything closed and in the round. 

I also changed how the stitches were picked up for the pocket on the mommy. Instead of going through a leg of a stitch in a row of stitches, I opted to pick up and knit from between the stitches (like in this tutorial by Ysolda). Honestly, there's no right or wrong way to do this, I just prefer the look of going between the stitches.

The one thing that I absolutely didn't like: the decreases on the head. The first time around, I didn't even notice and had bound off all the stitches. When I flipped the monster inside out I saw how wonky and gaping the decreases looked. I thought I could jimmy the stitches closer together by tugging at the stitches and evening them out. Yeah, didn't work. I got so annoyed by them that I ended up ripping out the 3-needle bind-off and frogging the decreases. I was super careful with how I was knitting the decreases but no matter what I did there was still a gapping hole. Grrr...I got to a point where I just decided to say "screw it!" and bound off the stitches again. I went onto Ravelry to see if anyone else had issues with the head decreases and discovered that I wasn't alone. It wasn't me, it was the nature of the stitches and how they were placed. A lot of knitters opted to knit a stitch between the two sets of decreases to eliminate the gap. Duly noted. I will try this with the babies.

I keep telling myself, "this is just a toy...this is just a one, especially the Kiddo, is going to notice the decreases on the head...just breathe!". For once, I'm actually listening to myself!! So while I'm not in a hurry to finish this project, the Kiddo has been patiently waiting. The safety eyes are due to arrive this weekend so I'm using that as a sort of deadline. I plan on giving my hands a break from knitting these next few days but I'm hoping to get at least the knitting finished by the end of the week. I'll worry about the sewing up later...

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Knit In Progress: Islay

Back in April I saw on Instagram and Facebook that Gudrun Johnston had released a beautiful new cardigan pattern called Islay (named after an island on the west coast of Scotland). I fell in love with it immediately. I loved it so much that I kept the Ravelry pattern page open on my browser for days. I would stare at the photos wistfully, wishing I was knitting it now, but knew I had no right casting on a new project - especially when I already had two other garments on the needles. How am I suppose to get anything done around here if I keep casting on new projects? Not to mention that my hands still aren't feeling 100% (more like 50%) and so I don't see any knitting marathons happening any time soon. So why should I even consider casting on another garment?  


Well, you know how it is. Anyhoo, fast forward a few days (weeks?) later and Gudrun Johnston announces that she's going to host an Islay KAL. I'm not sure if this is the Universe's way of telling me that it's ok, I should cast on this cardigan or if I'm simply grasping at straws trying to find reasons to cast on this cardigan. I'm going to say it's probably a little bit of both. Regardless, since this is me talking here and I'm seemingly the most indecisive person on the planet, I had to overthink think about whether or not if I should join the KAL and if this would just be putting unnecessary stress and pressure on myself. And would I be causing harm to my hands by forcing myself to knit this cardigan up in a month...when I have a lot of other things that are also hand-intensive. 

The cardigan and the KAL weighed on my mind for what seems like eternity. Finally I decided, what the heck, why not? The supposed deadline of July 1st was more for those who wanted to be in the running for the grand prize. I, on the other hand, just wanted a reason to cast on the cardigan. It's amazing how much I can stress myself out by overthinking things! Which brings me to another matter that I had to overthink: yarn choices. Colour choices, to be more exact.

I wanted to knit from stash (even though I was really tempted to purchase some SweetGeorgia Yarns Superwash Sport from my LYS, as I have yet to try that base from the SGY lineup), and have a very limited amount of sport weight in sweater quantities. No matter what I knit, I usually have a ton of yarn leftover, so this eliminated a few yarns. In the end I came out of the stash with some Bugga by Cephalopod Yarns and some BFL by Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I was completely undecided about which colour to chose (surprise, surprise). In the end I went with the Bugga in the super stunning Charaxes Tiridate colourway:

This colour is so rich, so saturated that I had a hard time trying to pick up the gorgeous tidbits of tonal colouring within it. Once in a while I'll get a flash of a lighter blue, kind of like a deep cyan, and those are my favourite bits to knit up. I think it just adds so much depth and interest. Hence why I love knitting with hand-dyed tonals for garments.

So far the yarn has been a delight to knit with, it's slightly crunchy but that's due to the dye. I've only ever knit with Bugga once before this project, and that was for a shawl (I just searched for the post about this shawl and realized that I have not blogged about it!! Yikes!!) and once it was washed and blocked the yarn really softened up and felt incredibly silky and cuddle-y. I haven't been able to knit too much on this cardigan due to my hands and because my Kiddo has requested that I knit him something (!!! YESSSS!!!). So as of today I'm about 3.5" into this bottom up cardi. I'm hoping my hands will be up to the challenge of putting in some serious work on this knit over the weekend, which also happens to be a long weekend. On top of that, the Kiddo has a Pro-D day on Friday. I highly doubt I'll be able to get much work done with him around. So glad that knitting is portable!!

I really can't say too much about the pattern at the moment since I don't have much knit up, but if it's anything like Gudrun's other patterns then I can safely say it'll be nothing but a wonderful knitting experience. The one and only other pattern I've ever knit of Gudrun's was Audrey in Unst, which is hands down one of the best patterns I've ever knit from. Seriously. Gudrun knows how to write a very thorough, well-written pattern and thought out every single detail for you without confusing you with excessive and massive blocks of text. Audrey was such a joy to knit that it made me look forward to knitting up Islay.  

To keep up with my cardigan progress you can check out my Instagram feed, but I'll make sure to pop in from time to time and post updates here when I've actually got some more knitting accomplished!

In the meantime, Happy Knitting Friends! 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Over the past few days, when I wasn't scratching my eyes out or when I wasn't fighting to keep myself awake (stupid sinuses!!), I have been having this overwhelming need to do craft activities that don't involve knitting. Since my hands have been feeling a little sore lately I thought I would give in to these crafty urges. Why not, right? The thing is, I had no idea what kind of crafting I wanted to do. Should I sew? Should I bake? Should I try cross-stitching again? What about some sort of paper craft? What?? I had no clue.

So I figured first things first: I should go through my sewing and crafting supplies and check out what I had on hand. Yeah...doing such a thing made me realize that I really needed to do some serious KonMari action in my sewing closet. Yikes! That first day was spent pulling stacks of boxes and piles of bags out of the closet. Which was probably a good thing as I discovered that I had an insane amount of foam brushes (why? Your guess is as good as mine) and that all of my glues had either dried up or solidified. I should still go through all these boxes and bags, as I'm sure there's more stuff that probably is no longer good and/or usable, or stuff that I most likely don't need to purchase any more of (like foam brushes). 

Nothing amongst my crafting supplies really piqued my interest, but as I was going through a massive pile of papers (seriously, paper clutter is my numero uno nemisis!!) I found a printed off pattern for a quilt block. Hmmm... Then I came across another pattern for a quilt that I've been wanting to make but think is too advance for my beginner quilter skills. And then I came across yet another pattern for a quilt that I've been dying to make, and conveniently have all the fabrics for, but didn't have the confidence to sew up just yet. Double hmmm... It seems that my crafting interests are veering towards my first true crafty love: sewing.

Again, I went through my supplies and fabrics to see what I had to work with, seeing how a few of these projects involved scraps. It's funny how much time you can spend arranging and rearranging tiny pieces of fabric trying to come up with colour combinations and print placements. Then I realized that my supply of rotary cutter blades was dangerously low. So Michaels I went. I'm only mentioning this quick trip to Michaels simply because it actually was a quick trip. Get this: I went to Michaels and left with ONE item - the item I had intended to get!! Crazy, right? Normally I walk up and down the aisles (BIG mistake!), ponder if I need a skein of Thick & Quick for something (I usually don't), ohh and ahh over scrapbook paper items (even though I don't scrapbook), and try to convince myself that I don't need a quarter of the items in the baking department. 

Although, I did spy jars of Mod Podge that I was extremely tempted to pick up. Back in the day (like, back, back, back in the day...high school days, to be exact), I used to sit at the kitchen table at my parents' house and for hours pour over magazines (mainly fashion) and catalogs (remember Delia's, anyone?) and put together endless collages in my sketchbooks. Soon I was covering any surface that my parents would let me cover. My most favourite item that I Mod Podged was an unused Kaboodles case (remember when Kaboodles were such a huge thing?) that I meticulously covered in Archie comics. Growing up, I was a massive fan and avid reader of Archie comics and had accumulated quite the collection of Double Digests. I had tediously gone through to find my favourite comic strips. It was a lot of work, but sooooo satisfying. I still have that case today (if you want to see it, check out this super old post).  

Anyhoo, back to the sewing. Before I started my first attempt at paper foundation piecing, I had to fiddle with my bobbin tension a little and so I started a super simple mug rug made from fabric selvedges that I've been saving for years. I didn't have any proper quilting batting but I did have some heat-resistant insulation padding stuff (why? Good question) and decided to just use it. It was quite therapeutic to sew those strips together with no real action plan to adhere to. That's when I realized that it has been YEARS since I've done any selfish sewing. Yeah, I've made project bags but the ones that I've kept for myself were the rejects. Ok, except for one of the Halloween themed ones...that one was too cool to pass up. But otherwise, I did absolutely NO sewing for myself. Nothing. The more I stitched away on that mug rug, the more I gave it some thought and then came to a conclusion: I didn't have any balance when it came to my sewing. I didn't sew for me. Just project bags and garment alterations for others (which I completely detest doing). Then for the longest time I hated sewing and even hated being behind my sewing machine. I dreaded having to make more project bags. The fun was zapped out of me. I was burnt out. I was unhappy. Every time I even thought about sewing something for me, I was overcome with feelings of guilt. Like I had no right to sew for myself when I had customer requests, custom orders to fill, a shop to stock, and garments to hem.

Towards the end of the mug rug, I was still dealing with feelings of guilt. But you know what? My love of sewing was slowly coming back to me. I was actually experiencing feelings of joy about using my sewing machine. When I finished the main part of the mug rug, I decided to move onto the paper foundation piecing project (which was great fun...and quite the learning experience for me!).

Left: Mug Rug fun!  ::  Right: #lovewins block
Images taken with my phone

Sewing up the Love Wins quilt block was not only a learning experience, but also a therapeutic one. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. I wish I could say that when I was finished sewing the block top that the feelings of guilt went away. They didn't. But I was starting to enjoy sewing again. And to me, that's a HUGE step in the right direction. 

Moral of the story: You need to find balance. In everything you do.

Now I just need to remember this. Constantly. I'm looking into getting my serger serviced so that I can maybe whip up a few summer dresses. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to hand sewing the binding on my mug rug and finding a fun fabric for the back of my block. AND I've got a handful of project bags in the works!

Wow. Sewing. Welcome back into my life, old Friend.

Friday, May 6, 2016

A Spring #CraftyBlissChallenge :: Recap

A few favourites of my own photos for the challenge!

The Spring #CraftyBlissChallenge on Instagram ended just last weekend and now

First though, I would like to say a massive "thank you!!" to all of the people who participated in the challenge, whether you managed to complete all ten days or not. I had so much fun scrolling through all the photos and seeing everyone's interpretations of each prompt. Since Julie and I have done this challenge before we kind of had an idea of what to expect. We were pretty excited to discover that 83 people had finished the challenge from start to finish!! Wow!! There were a few who joined in on the fun late, and a few who admitted that they couldn't continue on because...well, life happens. And that's ok! I'll admit that I had to double check my days quite a few times too!

I really hope that those who did the challenge and those who followed along have been inspired, have found news ways to look at things, and possibly found others that they like to follow on Instagram. I know I was definitely inspired, in awe, and at times felt very touched by what some of the participants had posted. A few even brought tears to my eyes as the stories behind the photos were just so moving!

Here's a refresher on what the daily prompts were for this Spring round of the challenge:

I don't know how others felt about it but for me this round required a little more thought per prompt. Nothing stressful or anything like that, but more like how was I going to fit in the beautiful view I see every day into one photo for the Skyscape prompt? How was I going to convey what my Favourite Treasure is when it's not something you can see and without sounding like a huge cheeseball? I really had to think outside the box and outside of my usual comfort levels for some of the prompts. At the top of this post is a collage of some of my favourite photos that I contributed to the challenge. Even though I love a good flat lay photo (who doesn't? They're just so pleasing to look at!), at least half of my photos were candid. My favourites were really bold and strong in colour...and reminded me that I really should start knitting hexipuffs again for my Beekeeper's Quilt. But let's not get into that today...


Anyhoo...I truly loved the fact that no one felt compelled to make every photo knitting or even craft related. While there were quite a number of knitting related photos (with prompts like Making Progress On how could there not be?) I thoroughly enjoyed the ones that had nothing to do with knitting but still had so much creativity and/or meaning behind them. Or were just downright beautiful or cool, like the gorgeous sunset photo and the reflection of a sunset in the sunglasses (SO cool!!) in the first collage below. 

I wish I could post all of the photos shared in the challenge here on the blog, but you'll just have to check out the #CraftyBlissChallenge hashtag feed for that, but here's a few that really caught my eye:

Out of all the prompts, I'm ReadingSkyscape, and Reflection were my favourites. I added a lot of titles to my "to-read" list, including the hilariously named The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*uck, a parody of Marie Kondo's best seller book that I'm pretty sure everyone has read, praised, recommended to others, and most likely tried to do in their own life (I know I have). So funny!

I follow a lot of knitters, crafters, foodies, and nail polish lovers so I usually see what's being created or a lot of hands (like, a lot), so I found it really interesting to see where everyone was from in the Skyscape prompt. For some reason I figured everyone was from my area and a few scattered around Toronto, so I was surprised and utterly delighted to see images from San Francisco to Las Vegas to Paris to Scotland! Amazing!! I had no idea! Another reason why I love Instagram so much.

The Reflection prompt brought on all the feels. I don't know how many people stopped to read the story and comments behind the photos, but it was touching to read so many heartfelt moments, thoughts, and raw honesty being shared. I usually see snapshots of knitting, crafts, food, and manicures in my IG feed and rarely see what people do outside of their crafting so to catch a small glimpse of someone's life outside all that was interesting and at times, I felt honoured that someone would let me see that. So thank you to those who shared those intimate moments! 

Now that the challenge is over I find myself still trying to think outside the box and be more creative with my photos. I've realized that I truly am all about the knitting and coffee. It's not a bad thing, but I really should get out more! Or at least try other forms of creating! 

Like the last challenge, Julie and I had agreed to pick a winner each via random number generator from the list of those who completed the full 10 days of the challenge to receive a little surprise. Well, guess what? How's this for a surprise: the absolutely amazing Caterpillargreen Yarns and The Blue Brick have each offered a skein of beautiful yarn as prizes!! The winners have been picked and they are:

@spirittrailfiberworks - Julie will be in touch with you
@k_express - look out for an Instagram direct message from me!

Thank you so much to all of the participants of this challenge!! We hope you had fun and that you'll join us again for the next one!! And thank you to the participants who gave me their permission to use their photos for this post!! 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May Mumblings

Hello May days!! My, how quickly the days seem to fly by! I swear, I think my brain is still stuck in March so April was just a blur. With only two months left of school, life is just going to get even more crazy. There are so many school events coming up and a few of them require parental involvement, like parent appreciation day and the art show (which I may have volunteered to help out with). I'm also starting to think about trying to come up with/sort out summer plans for the Kiddo since activities fill up so quickly, and on top of it all I've got my own stuff to do and plan for. 

After reading this article about being busy I've been trying and aiming for better time management to avoid hustling life along and to simply be able to sit back and enjoy the events of the day. Not to mention that I am queen of procrastinating. And by procrastinating, I mean I get distracted and start knitting instead of weaving in ends, blogging, doing housework, making dinner, taking a proper lunch break, picking up the Mr from know how it goes. Today the procrastinating is no different and according to my day planner I'm well off track of how the day is suppose to go. So instead of an eloquent post about knitting, I give you this hodge podge in bullet form:

 This past weekend I barely touched my knitting. I accomplished maybe a full round on one of my Breathing Spaces, if that. I got caught up in chatting, blowing bubbles, and getting my hands dirty putting together our balcony "garden". 

Even though I haven't been knitting much lately, I like to think I made a lot of progress on both Breathing Spaces. On the first, I'm just a few twisted ribbing rounds away from binding off on the body (yay!!); and on the second I'm over an inch into the main colour solid border on the hem. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the sleeves will knit up quickly.

I've been feeling under the weather the past few weeks (ok, fine. It's another sinus infection) and so my energy levels haven't been all that great. By the time the Kiddo's bedtime arrives I'm feeling pretty zapped myself. Normally I'm never too anything (re: tired, sick, grumpy) to knit, but not this time. Sinus headaches have been making me crap to hang out with. It's also another reason why I haven't been picking up my knitting needles.

Last month Gudrun Johnston released a gorgeous cardigan pattern, Islay. Since spotting it I've left the Ravelry page up on my browser, wishing I had more time/energy/hands to knit it up. Well...turns out that Gudrun is running a KAL for Islay, starting this Friday (May 6th). My rubber arm was twisted and so I decided to join in on the fun and signed up. I've got until July 1st to finish the cardigan, that is, if I want to win the grand prize. The grand prize isn't what motivated me to join the KAL. I just needed a reason to cast on a new project. If you're interested too, find out the KAL details here.

I went stash diving cause I just know I have yarn in my stash to knit up Islay. Lo and behold, I do. But I'm having a hard time deciding which to go with: the vibrant Charaxes Tiridate in Bugga by Cephalopod Yarns or Spinel in BFL by Blue Moon Fiber Arts (which is showing as more blue in the photo when really it's more of a lighter blue-green teal). Thoughts?

I took a peek at my stash spreadsheet the other day. Yikes! I guess I'll be going cold sheep for the next few months. We're almost halfway through the year and I've only knit up a little over 2300 metres (2580 yards) and brought almost 4500 metres (5000 yards) back into the stash!! There's still a few skeins not accounted for but that doesn't help. I need to get this stash back under control!

To help get the stash back into the minus and to get projects off the needles, I'm thinking of signing up for Stash Dash, hosted by The Knit Girllls. It starts at the end of the month and goes to about mid-August. Their rules are pretty relax (current WIPs count!) and there's no pressure - except for the kind that you put on yourself. I haven't decided if I'm going to sign up for the 3k, 5k, or the 7k yet as it all depends on how my hands are doing. Although, I think the 7k might be too ambitious and the 3k too easy. I guess I'm leaning towards the 5k is what I'm saying. And to make it easy for you, 5k is 5000 metres or 5468 yards. 

My hands haven't been feeling 100% lately. I tried using a rotary cutter the other day to cut some fabric but I'm not sure that those 15 minutes with the cutter is what aggravated them. But since I haven't been knitting much lately one can only assume...

To soothe myself of my crappy hand dilemma, I've been indulging in some tasty treats. Last week I made a few jars of Pear Amaretto Sauce from the The Canning Kitchen cook book by Amy Bronee of Family Feedbag. O...M...G. This is sauce is seriously amazing!! I took Amy's advice and topped on a scoop of vanilla ice cream with the sauce. I'm officially addicted. Luckily for my tastebuds, horrible for my waistline, my community grocery store was having a BOGO sale on ice cream. So you bet I stocked up on some more ice cream!! This weekend I plan on making little cheesecake in jars just for this sauce. That's how much I love it. If you can find yourself a copy of the cookbook, I HIGHLY recommend this recipe! I can't wait for pears to go on sale again!

Me-Made-May has started. I generally wear something I've handmade daily, whether it be a knitted item or something I've sewn. I'm not officially participating (taking so many selfies make me feel really awkward) but I do like seeing what others have made and how they've styled their pieces. My goal is to sew a few dresses for the summer since I currently don't like anything in the shops, MMM just might be the perfect motivator to get that going.

The #CratfyBlissChallenge wrapped up on Sunday. I really loved this round and have found not only a few new people to follow on Instagram, but added to my list of books to read and patterns to my queue. I loved seeing where people were located (from the Skyscape prompt) and seeing how people interpreted so many of the prompts, especially Reflection. I've been going over the hashtag feed trying to come up with some favourite photos for my recap, but it's so hard to only pick a handful!

Wow. That was a lot for the first few days of May! I can only imagine what the rest of the month will be like! Do you have any plans for May?

♥ Happy May!! ♥

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Wee Little Flaxes

For a few months I enjoyed a brief respite from baby knitting and got to do some selfish knitting. Well...guess what? It's time to break out the baby knits again. Yep. Another round of baby announcements have happened and while I like to think I'm prepared, something in the back of my brain is saying "man, you're going to be SO busy in the next few months". Experience has taught me to pay attention and listen to this part of my brain and I'm thinking I need to get a reverse calendar going and start keeping meticulous lists or else I'll start feeling like a chicken with my head chopped off. Again.

I do have a slight head start though, in that I have a few things all ready to gift. Months and months (and months!) ago I had knit a few baby items meant for my cousin's little one. I had finished the knits well before she was due and so these knits just sat there. Waiting. Then she had her little one but by then life and time got the better of me and I ended up not sending her some of these cute wee things and now they probably won't fit, and if they do, it's the wrong season. Oops! Bad, bad knitter!! I completely vow to knit her mini one something ├╝ber cute for this fall and I promise to send it to her before the summer is over!!

In the meantime I have these really adorable sweaters ready for the newest ones to arrive. They haven't been sent to their new owners yet and I'm not worried that this post will ruin the surprise, as I'm pretty sure they're not reading knitting blogs at the moment (they're not knitters). So let me show you what some little cuties will be sporting this fall.

Baby Flax!

It's so darn cute! I thoroughly enjoyed knitting this sweater and I absolutely love how it turned out. The pattern is Flax by Tin Can Knits. It's such a great, quick knit and the smallest size uses only a single skein of worsted weight yarn. But since I'm weary about knitting newborn sizes, I decided to knit the 6-12 months. I had a random solo skein of Madelinetosh Tosh Vintage in my stash and knew that I would have to either buy another skein or supplement with a contrasting yarn from my stash. I had the leftovers of Steam Age in Vintage on my desk from my Harvest cardigan (pattern also by Tin Can Knits) and decided to use it for the collar, cuffs, and hem and hoped that it would look ok. 

Oh man. The outcome? I LOVE it. I love it so much that I'm thinking I need to do something similar on a sweater for myself! It's a very subtle way of adding in pops of colour and I think overall would be great for either a wee lad or lass. And it was a great way to use up the leftovers of a colourway that I simply cannot get enough of! 

Aside from the contrasting collar, cuffs, and hem, I didn't do any mods. I did knit the sleeves two at a time because I was nearing the end of the skein and wanted to use up every last inch of the Tern. I ended up having to knit a few rounds in the Steam Age before starting the ribbing, but that's ok. I had knitted a few rounds of the body before starting the hem too, just in case, and I'm glad I did because now it all looks intentional.

A part of me wishes I was having another little one so that I can keep this. That's how much I love this sweater! Maybe that's why I'm having such a hard time gifting this?

:: Sweater Details ::
Pattern: Flax by Tin Can Knits
Yarns: Madelinetosh Tosh Vintage
Colours: Tern and Steam Age
Needles: Knit Picks Nickel-Plated Fixed Circulars in 4mm (US 6) and 5mm (US 8)
Ravelry Link: MisoCraftyKnits Baby Flax

I really enjoyed knitting the first Flax so much that I had immediately cast on for another. I also really liked the idea of using a contrasting yarn that I decided to do it again. This time I'm using a skein of SweetGeorgia Yarns Superwash Worsted in Blackberry for the body and leftovers from a cowl in the Rosebud colourway. Due the major contrast of colours, I decided to play it safe and knit up the 0-6 months size so that the pink is more crisp and defined as the collar, cuffs, and hem.

There's really not much else to say about this project, other than the fact that I can't get over the wee-ness of it. I'm also quite positive that I will be knitting up more little Flaxes in the future. The pattern is so easy peasy - I highly recommend it!! - and every little kiddo I've seen sporting one looks insanely adorable in it. 

Hmm...with that said I think I should knit another...

:: Sweater Details ::
Pattern: Flax by Tin Can Knits
Yarns: SweetGeorgia Yarns Superwash Worsted
Colours: Blackberry and Rosebud
Needles: Knit Picks Nickel-Plated Fixed Circulars in 4mm (US 6) and 5mm (US 8)
Ravelry Link: MisoCraftyKnits Baby Flax v.2

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Spring #Craftyblisschallenge

The warm weather is finally here! Well, on the Island, that is. Today and the past few days have been absolutely glorious - so beautiful and sunny. And HOT. Quite honestly, it feels more like summer than spring. I don't want to complain about this gorgeous weather, but it's totally obvious when I get dressed in the morning that I'm so NOT ready for this heat!! Eep! I definitely have some warm weather shopping to do! How about you? Are you prepared for the warmer months?

While I do some planning on my "warm weather capsule wardrobe", how about we do a Spring edition #CraftyBlissChallenge? Sounds like fun, yes? I'm pretty excited! The first challenge that Julie (of Knitted Bliss) and I ever hosted was so fun and so inspirational that we decided to do another! If you're new to my blog you can read about the challenge we had last fall here. If you've just joined or never participated in an Instagram challenge before it's a challenge that spans for a set number of days and each day you are given a photo prompt that you can interpret in any way you want, then take a photo and share it on your Instagram account. Our prompts are broad and not knitting specific, which means anybody can join in on the fun!

Like our last challenge, the Spring edition will also be 10 days long and will commence on Friday, April 22nd and will wrap up on Sunday, May 1st. Julie and I would love it if you could join us!

Check out the prompts:

To participate: Obviously you will need an Instagram account, it's free to sign up! Then for 10 days all you have to do is get creative, take photos daily, add captions (or not, it's totally up to you!), tag each photo with our special hashtag - #CraftyBlissChallenge, and share! To make life easier on yourself, you can save the image above or bookmark this post in your web browser and come back every day of the challenge to help you remember the prompts. 

Please note: if your account is set to private, neither Julie or I will be able to see your images!! So if you want to participate please set your account to "public" so that we can enjoy your photos and comments, and then when the challenge is over you can switch back to private.

Julie and I will be popping in a few times daily to share our own photos and to check out what people are posting via the hashtag feed. Follow both of on Instagram: Julie is @knittedblissjc and I'm @misocraftyknits to see our takes on the daily prompts (or to check out our feeds in general). Even if you don't want to or simply can't participate, I hope you will still follow along on the challenge and see what everyone is posting. A great little community forms and it's fun to get inspired, meet new people, follow new accounts, and yes...possibly add to your stash and queue!   

To add to the fun, two randomly selected participants who have completed all 10 days of the challenge will be chosen to win some knitterly goodies!! Who doesn't like goodies? Especially when it involves yarn? So remember to tag each photo with the hashtag #CraftyBlissChallenge so that Julie and I can see your photos and follow along on your challenge progress.

We hope you join us!


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